“A tailormade solution”

With Custom Software development all solutions are designed to specifically address the needs of that organization because all organizations are different and have their unique way of doing things, in some cases more marginally different than others. The organization’s use of computers should not be conformed to the computer systems’ way of doing things but the computer systems should be conformed to the organization’s needs.
Some of the benefits of computerizing a system are listed below:
Centralized data
Increased efficiency and data processing
Production of more timely information
Automation of repetitive, routine and wearing tasks
Greater statistical accuracy
More useful report generation for decision-making
Increased search capabilities
Free up other personnel to attend to other assignments
1Click Once Reporting
Move from current practices of going through loads of data to compile a report with report generation on the click of a button.
2Search Capabilities
Search capabilities are enhanced and can allow a user to be able to search by any combination of the fields in the data capture form to achieve a unique set of results.
3Security features
The system can also have strict security such that only personnel with user profile accounts are able to access the system and with different access levels such that a specific user only has some access but not all. Mass Communication

How do we do this?

The development of the software has 3 phases that are illustrated in the diagram below:
1Briefing -
Meeting with, and understanding the software solution needs of the client.
2Analysis -
This involves the Systems Analysts from Hayah Technology going into the organization to study the manual system, talk to users to get their input and how they do their tasks so as to understand the current system and see how it can be improved.
3Development –
The development process begins with the Systems Analysts coming up with a document that outlines the requirements of the user, the processing requirements and also a description of the proposed system. It is then completed with the programming of the software package.
4Demonstration –
Presentations at various points of the development for feedback from client including the installation of test packages for the client to get a feel of the product and see the direction the software is going in. After this phase there tend to be changes requested by the client which will be implemented by the developers as they proceed with the finalization of the software.
1Testing -
Process of finding and eliminating bugs in the system, and evaluating the functionality and the user friendly nature of the system.
2Packaging -
Process of creating the user manual and compiling it for PC installation.
1Rollout -
Installing the software package and training the users of the program.

What do you the client remain with?

A customized software system that is tailor made to suit your needs and requirements. Copies of the software are provided on CD for installation on your computers.
A detailed User Manual on how to use the system, with tips on how to get the most out of your system.
The users will be trained on using the system with practical hands on sessions held during the deployment stage of the installation.

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