“Statistics say 85% of decisions are made directly in front of the shelves”

– Shelfvision
Shelf Edge Digital Signage displays are mounted on shelves in retail shops in order to influence a customer’s decision at the point of purchase replacing static shelf talkers with captivating displays that have video and audio playback in order to make decision making contact with the client.
Consumers are consistently looking for the best balance between price and perceived product quality and there is no better time to influence the decision of the client than differentiating your product right at the point of purchase.
Using video and audio, it is easier to capture ones attention, show the product in use and create an emotional experience in order to influence the purchase of a product.

Advantages of Shelf Edge displays

Inspire shoppers with brilliant video
Attract passer-by's attention
Unlimited product information
Promotion information
Increase your sales
Create an emotional connection and influence consumers decision

Hayah Technology offers a complete turn key solution which includes the following:

  • Supply of the Shelf Edge displays
  • Installation of the display (including power installations)
  • Management (content management and reports), support and maintenance of the units
  • Content creation for use on these displays (optional)

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